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Safe in Our Wanderings - Dave's Daily Devo - June 18

  • 2018 Jun 18


Safe In Our Wanderings

Psalm 105:12-15

Had prayer with a friend yesterday. For more than eight months he sent resumes, followed the leads of headhunters, sent out more resumes, had interviews, and finally got hired. The new job meant moving across the country, adapting to a metropolis, and eventually uprooting his family, but he loved the job and the people. His ideas were appreciated. His colleagues were young and gifted. And, most importantly, he was again getting a paycheck.  Then right before he signed the lease so he could get his family moved, his boss said, “Why don’t we wait on that.” He went home for the holidays, and then got the call, “You don’t need to come back.”  In the volatile world of a high tech economy, globalization, and business plans that can change in a moment, can our Heavenly Father take care of us when we suddenly have to wander in the job market again?

God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob a permanent home, the Land of Canaan, but they spent their lives wandering, living in tents, and following their herds from one pasture to the next. Yet years later in Psalm 105 the Psalmist reminds us about how God took care of them,

“When they were few in number, only a small band, aliens in the land, they wandered from one people group to the next, from one kingdom to another. God didn’t allow anyone to harm them and for their sakes He even rebuked kings. ‘Do not touch my anointed and do not harm my prophet.’” Psalm 105:12-15

The psalmist goes on to remind us of the Joseph story where God was still guiding even when Joseph was forced to go down to Egypt with chains on his feet and an iron collar around his neck. At the right moment God elevated him to the position of Prime Minister, the position that enabled him to not only save Egypt in the midst of a deadly famine, but also his one father and brothers, especially Judah who generated the line of Jesus, the Messiah.

God’s power hasn’t weakened in 2018. His character hasn’t changed. If he was able to take care of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Judah, then He can take care of us who have trusted in his Son, the ultimate Anointed One. So I believe God today when He promises that he has a permanent home for us in heaven, and I pray confidently with my friend assuring him that he is in good hands as he begins to wander in search of another job.  

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