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Dave's Daily Devo - June 27

  • 2016 Jun 27

Great Spoil

Psalm 119:161 -168

Sunday afternoon I was working hard to make sure that my exam on Ecclesiastes would help the students here in South Korea to have to think carefully through the Book again and apply the Qohelet’s message to their lives. Around five in the afternoon I heard praise music drifting across the campus here at the Word of Life Bible Institute from our classroom.

As the psalmist comes to the next to the last letters in the Hebrew alphabet, Sin and Shin, he uses the one with the clear “S” sound to pour out his excitement about the Lord’s Word. He’s more excited than a General who has just won a mighty military victory and mountains of plunder lie before him for the taking. He writes,

“I rejoice upon Your Word like one who finds great spoil.” - Psalm 119:162

The prophet Isaiah used this same image of “plunder” to move us to look forward to the time with His Messianic King, the Lord Jesus, will finally bring war, suffering, and death to an end (Isaiah 9:2)

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten to hear the “Hallelujah” shouts of God’s people as they sang to a completely different beat in Kenya and now here in Korea.  It’s time to begin the day and join the praise. Sing along with Hillsong as they sing “When I Think About The Lord.”  

When I think about the Lord,
How He saved me, how He raised me,
How He filled me, with the Holy Ghost.
How He healed me, to the uttermost.

When I Think about the Lord,
How He picked me up and turned me around,
How He placed my feet on solid ground

It makes me wanna shout,
Thank you Jesus,
LORD, You’re worthy, of all the glory, and all the honor,
And all the praise!

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