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Dave's Daily Devo - March 12, 2018

  • 2018 Mar 12

Dependable Ropes

Acts 9:23-25


“Hey, Dave, want to go out to Vedauwoo and do some rock climbing this afternoon?” I was speaking at a Berean Convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming and just off I-80, Exit # 329, there are five hundred foot granite cliffs that rise off the prairie. We had some free time that afternoon, so I joined by friends Dan and Scott and headed west.

We climbed the trail to the top of the cliffs, found a strong tree to secure our climbing rope, and then debated who would go first. When it was my turn, I repelled down from the top about 70 feet, found a ledge where I could stand, clipped the climbing rope to my harness, gave it a tug, and then started to climb. My friends at the top would belay so that it was like I was free climbing up the cliff, but if I missed, they would secure the rope and save me from a deadly fall.

When Saul raised tempers in the Damascus synagogues and his enemies plotted to murder him, he had to depend upon some ropes, a basket, and the dependability of some friends to help him escape.

“Quite some time later, his Jewish enemies plotted to murder him. But their plan became known to Saul and he knew they were watching the gates of the city day and night so they could execute him. But his followers let him down in a basket through an opening in the wall.” Acts 9:23-25

LORD, thanks for faithful friends, like Dan and Scott, that Mary and I could depend upon to hold the ropes when life got threatening.

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