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Dave's Daily Devo - May 17

  • 2016 May 17

Strange Languages

Psalm 114

It took an hour to get my bag off the flight last night from Amsterdam to Nairobi. It’s a light purple. Not hard to sight on the carousel, but the Spirit wanted me to learn patience waiting for one of the last bags out. Getting through Kenyan customs was easy. When I walked outside about nine at night, there were over fifty folks holding signs. None of them read “Wyrtzen.” Mary told me to wear my Clydehurst hat and that Zack and Sammy would find me. As soon as I followed her instructions, my two hosts for the next couple of weeks found me instantly. We loaded my stuff into the van and then drove west of Nairobi to the Brackenhurst Conference Center and Baptist College and Seminary.

The rain was strong, but the fog made it tougher, not only to find the road, but to dodge flooded streets and pot holes. Now the British made it so that English is the business language of Kenya, but Swahili and countless tribal languages dominate when it comes to personal conversation.  I heard a lot of strange languages last night as the two pastors and the driver, negotiated how to make it to our destination. Psalm 114 begins talking about the Israelites living many years in Egypt and finally escaping the land with the strange language.

“When Israel went out from Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became his sanctuary, Israel his dominion.” - Psalm 114:1-2

After a good night’s sleep (praise God for Baptist hospitality in the high country west of Nairobi) and a good breakfast, Sammy, Zack, and I spent the morning planning, sharing, and thanking the Lord Jesus. I’m thankful that the Lord Jesus, the Promised Son from the tribe of Judah, takes away the blocks of culture and language. Immediately, Zack and Sammy and I were brothers. And I wish you could have seen their smiles and felt the huge hugs when I gave them the laptop and iPad some of you graciously provided.  While I’m writing this email, they are down in the dining room on the internet already putting these two new tools to work in their ministry.

LORD, Zack is so excited about having me minister with him this Sunday and then for four days to pastors all around his area at the four day Truth Encounter Pastors Conference. Just like you provided water for the Israelites in the wilderness (Psalm 114:8), I need you to pour Jesus’ living water into the lives of all those we will serve beginning in Kakamega tomorrow.

Note: I did this Devo on the Psalms on my first trip to Kenya in May 2015. It gives you  firsthand observations on how the Lord worked on this trip, and you can be praying for me now on my return trip.

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