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It’ll Bite You - Dave's Daily Devo - October 15

  • 2018 Oct 15


It’ll Bite You     

Hosea 4:9-11

Around the world and down through time people have known and know that there is an alcohol-illicit sex connection. Ethanol dulls our faculties, lowers our moral inhibitions, and we lose our grasp on what is right and what is wrong. When the party’s hot and the drinks flow it’s only tiny steps to groping, stripping, and sex. 

When you’re young, powerful, and at the top of your game all the ‘traditional rules’ against drunkenness and sex outside of marriage seem antiquated. But this week how does it sound when 66-year-old Harvey Weinstein says, “I came of age in the 60s and 70s when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.” Ask him now whether there’s a connection between alcohol and sexual exploitation, and whether or not one’s actions come back to bite you. 

In yesterday’s Devo we saw Hosea indicting religious leaders for failing to teach people God’s moral standards revealed in his Word and for making a living off the sin and guilt of their people. Today Hosea goes on to tell us that we tend to get religious leaders like ourselves and vice versa and that the drunken orgy with its fun and games doesn’t last.  

“It will be like people, like priest, and I will visit upon him his ways. His actions will come back to bite him. They will eat and not be satisfied. They will engage in sexual immorality, but not increase because they abandoned the Lord to engage in sexual sin. Immorality, wine, and new wine—they take away an individual’s core control.” Hosea 4:9-11

The culture of Hollywood may ring their hands over the Weinstein scandal, but I’m concerned about how we as believers and our kids act. Hosea wasn’t indicting the secular culture, but God’s people. He was passionate about the tragedy that God’s people were acting worse than Canaanites. 

LORD, use this connection between drinking too much and sexual impropriety that Hosea is exposing to warn us today against this deadly combination. Help your sons to run when fraternity brothers try to get them to drink too much and use this Devo to cause some of my young sisters in Christ to become worldly-wise about the alcohol/sex connection so that they can be safe and pure.

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