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Dave's Daily Devo - October 18, 2017

  • 2017 Oct 18

A Private Resurrection Appearance

Luke 24:33-35


It’s the best seller of all time, and no matter what your beliefs might be, we all live in a world where the Bible has influenced cultures more than any other book, but it’s not magical. For example we can’t flip it open, read a sentence or paragraph, and then think we understand what it’s saying. Instead we need to realize that God has chosen to tell His grand redemptive Story by giving us 66 books. We need to read each of them from the beginning to the end. This is our approach in these Devos, and now we’ve tracked the Story in Luke’s Gospel from the birth of Jesus through His life and death and now we’re in the last episode—Jesus’ resurrection.

Luke took us to the tomb with the women early Sunday morning. We saw what they saw and heard the angels declare, “He is risen!” Then, when they reported their graveside experiences to the eleven disciples, Luke let us witness that the eleven remaining disciples didn’t buy their story, but one disciple did get up and run to the tomb. The last time this disciple played a major role in the Story it wasn’t good. He walked out of the courtyard where he had cursed and denied Jesus three times weeping. We don’t know whether his tears are like Judas’ or whether they will lead back to Jesus.

Luke answers this question when we meet Peter again gathered with the other disciples after the crucifixion. When the women return with their report to the group, Peter is the disciple who gets up and runs to the tomb. He sees the grave clothes, sees that there is no body, and then leaves the tomb wondering what’s going on. Still we don’t know what the resurrected Jesus will do with the lead disciple who denied Him. Then Luke gives us the answer.

“And the two disciples got up right away and returned from Emmaus to Jerusalem and found the eleven gathered with others. The eleven affirmed, ‘Surely, the Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon.’ Then the two disciples gave their account about the things they had experienced on the way with Jesus and how he revealed Himself to them in the breaking of the bread.” - Luke 24:33-35

In 1 Corinthians 15:5, the Apostle Paul includes this resurrection appearance to Peter as proof that Jesus rose in the body after dying on the cross. We know Jesus and Peter met, but we don’t know what they said to each other. This first one-on-one between Jesus and Peter after the resurrection is just between the two of them.

True confession and forgiveness needs to begin with a one-on-one only between Jesus and each of us as an individual. 

LORD, when someone turns away from me and lets me down, my response is tonever want to be close to them again or to trust them. Correct this wrong reaction in my life. Thanks that you did trust Peter again and that Luke will record the powerful ways that You used him in the Book of Acts.

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