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Dave's Daily Devo - October 25, 2017

  • 2017 Oct 25

The Living Teacher

Acts 1:1


Pastoring for forty years in the same town does give some special privileges. For example, when Wilburn Roessler, one of Midlothian’s town fathers when it comes to education, went home to be with the Lord, I had the honor of officiating at his memorial service. The Midlothian Conference Center was packed to pay tribute to this renowned educator whose career spanned 48 years.

Roessler was the high school principal when an undercover police officer was murdered by two of his classmates on October 23, 1987, and he guided and comforted the students through this blow. He was still taking the lead when my two older boys entered high school a couple years later. I’m so grateful for the wisdom this former football coach and science teacher poured into my boys. And even after retirement, Wilburn was still teaching us around the table at the Tuesday Rotary luncheon, but his teaching stopped on July 4, 2013. Think about it! The vital, living voice of all teachers stops at death, except for one.  

Tomorrow we will begin with an introduction to the Book of Acts, Luke’s second volume on the teaching and actions of Jesus. But today I’m caught by the simple phrase that Luke used in the first sentence of  Acts:

“In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach…” Acts 1:1

Jesus is the only teacher in history  who, after He died, kept right on teaching. Why? Because He alone conquered death and Luke is telling us that he is going to go right on telling us how Jesus continues to act and speak. And Jesus is still teaching and acting through us today.

LORD, thanks for the reality that when I ate breakfast yesterday with a young pastor and we talked about the essentials of guiding and teaching a church, You spoke to both of us through the sections of Scripture we discussed. Thanks that You‘re the one Teacher whose voice will never be silenced because You gave us the gift of Your Spirit.

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