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Dave's Daily Devo - September 14

  • 2016 Sep 14

Acid In The Eyes

Proverbs 1:3


I was in my second year as a chemistry major at Houghton College and serving as a lab instructor for first year students. The sulfonation of toluene was the experiment of the day in General Chem. So I went over the procedures, especially stressing the care necessary with the Bunsen burner. Heat needed to be carefully regulated because if the toluene mixed with sulfuric acid boiled up out of the beaker, the flame ignited the entire mess. 

Sure enough, suddenly there was a flash, the beaker exploded, and a mixture of toluene and sulfuric acid blasted one of my students. While another lab assistant put out the fire with an extinguisher, I flushed my student's face, especially her eyes, praying that her eyes would be okay. Thankful that the new lab had an eyewash installed right next to her station.

In chemistry there are clear standards of what's right procedure and what's wrong, and these standards must be obeyed. When it comes to life, many today believe that the standards have disappeared, so there's nothing to apply. Life becomes one big individualistic experiment. The tragedy is that there are standards and a lot of folks are getting burned.

Solomon makes it clear that there are standards and spells out what a student can expect to get out of his class on wise living right in his introduction.

"To receive the discipline that will give the student the insight needed to act with foresight, the prudence to know God's standards, to apply them, and to apply them with fairness and grace." - Proverbs 1:3

Praise the LORD! My student's face and especially her eyes were fine. She went on to medical school and became a doctor.

LORD, give my students at Southern Bible Institute receptive hearts and the discipline they need to internalize Your inspired standards that do still spell out how we need to live. Use me as a life instructor who, by teaching Your Word in Proverbs can help people to learn so that they won't be burned in life.

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