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Dave's Daily Devo - September 9

  • 2016 Sep 09

Breathe Praise

Psalm 150


When I first met Bill he was a growling, tough Texas football coach. He came to know Jesus and the Spirit began to work on some of that edge and anger. Bill switched into a tough retail market, owning and managing a big box furniture store, and Mary and I watched him handle customers, give students their first job, and build a thriving business.

Bill got a handle on his anger, but the cigarettes held their tight grip. Today Bill would be the first to say that he wished he would have allowed the Lord to help him put the smoke away sooner. His emphysema means that he has to carry oxygen with him everywhere he goes. What pours strength into me every Monday morning when Bill can make it to our men’s Bible study in a local restaurant is that he uses every breath he can get to praise Jesus.

As I close my personal devotionals in Israel’s hymnbook today, Psalm 150 reminds me how the LORD wants me to use my breath. 

“Let everything that has breath, praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!” - Psalm 150:6

There is a good reason why the Hebrew sages titled their book of Psalms, Tehillim—Praises.

LORD, Bill reminds me not to take for granted my loud voice and my strong lungs. Help me today to use my breath to sing out—Hallelujah!

P.S. Tomorrow we will go right on into Proverbs and then in the build up to the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, we will take a look at the Bethlehem birth from Luke’s perspective.  Take a few minutes today to share with your friends on Facebook or your contacts on Twitter about this daily opportunity to encounter the Truth.

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