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The Source of True Grit - Dave's Daily Devo - August 9

  • 2018 Aug 09


The Source of True Grit

Acts 23:11

True Grit, the classic 1969 John Wayne movie, begins with the credits and Glenn Campbell singing,

 One day, little girl, the sadness will leave your face
 As soon as you've won you'll fight to get justice done
 Some days little girl you'll wonder what life's about
 But others have known few battles are won alone
 So, you'll look around to find
 Someone who's kind, someone who is fearless like you
 The pain of it will ease a bit
 When you find a man with true grit

One day you will rise and you won't believe your eyes
You'll wake up and see
A world that is fine and free
Though summer seems far away
You will find the sun one day

If you’re like most movie watchers you hardly notice the song, but Henry Hathaway, the director, tells you the essence of the entire story before the action even begins. Mattie Ross, the young teen whose father is gunned down, will find a man with true grit. Together they will see justice done, and in the end she will find sunshine again.

In the make-believe world of the movies directors can predict the future because they have the movie script in their hand. Our Savior does this in real life.

After almost being torn apart by a mob in the Temple, almost whipped in a Roman barracks, and then almost torn apart again by an angry Sanhedrin, the Apostle Paul had strong reasons for concluding that things are spinning out of control. But then in the night the Writer showed him the script. 

“The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, ’Take courage! As you’ve testified the things about me in Jerusalem, in the same way it is necessary for you to testify in Rome.’”   Acts 23:11     

In the Book of Acts we’ve still got murderous plots, unjust judges, and a life threatening ship wreck to go through, but now we know it will turn out all right. The Lord is standing beside Paul and he will make it to Rome (cf. Acts 19:21).

LORD, help me to trust that you’ve got the script of my life in your hand and thanks for telling me that it’s not just sunshine at the end, but life with your Son forever. Help me to remember that the important thing is to keep testifying about Jesus.

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