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Discover the Book - April 5, 2012

  • 2012 Apr 05


The Gift of Salvation Ignored: Jesus Explains Death and The Reality of Eternal Hell

What will happen to anyone who ignores or rejects the Gift of Salvation?

Christ Jesus here gives a glimpse of the grave thru the door of death! Note these absolute laws, truths that govern both the lost and the saved at death.

Jesus notes the absolutes of Hell in Luke 16:19-31:

  • ENDLESSNESS: In v.22 we are shown that only the body dies, not the soul; and the righteous go to a place of bliss, and the lost go to a place of torments, there to continue to exist endlessly.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS: In v. 23 Jesus notes the Rich Man as “being in torments” which means that as he enters the grave, he never stops being conscious.    
  • COMMUNICATION: In v. 24, 27-28, 30 Jesus explains that the doomed occupants of the grave can still speak.
  • PAINFULNESS: In v. 23 we see that in the grave the lost can still experience pain.
  • SENSATION: In v. 24 we see that the lost still have what appears to be all of their senses. They can see, hear, feel, and remember.  
  • MEMORY: In v. 25 Jesus explains that in the grave events from a person’s earthly life can be recalled; and it appears that all their memories of their entire earthly life are unimpaired.
  • HOPELESSNESS: In v. 26 we learn that in the grave like the Rich Man, all the lost come to realize that there is no escape.  
  • HORROR: Next in v. 27-28 we see that the torments are so great in the grave that none of the occupants want anyone else to come.
  • ISOLATION: In v. 27b we see another element, there is no communication from the lost dead to living allowed; and that the dead have no influence in spirit world.  
  • FINALITY: Lastly, in v. 31 Jesus affirms the absolute that there is no second chance, no going back—just the Word that God has given by special revelation (inspired Scriptures), and the light that He has given through general revelation (creation and conscience).

Now that we have seen the absolutes or some of the laws governing those who live in the spiritual world, let’s apply these truths to our lives today and think of the implications to us and everyone we meet.

I would like to remind you of the most horrible doctrines in God's Word—the reality of an eternal Hell for those who do not believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The Painfulness of Always Suffering
  • The Blackness of Never Seeing
  • The Bottomlessness of Always Falling
  • The Dreadfulness of Never Resting

While You Can Hear His Voice Respond to Jesus

 If you would like to know Jesus Christ today, and know that your sins areall gone—past, present, and future—you can know today. Just look up from where ever you are dying from the snakebite of sin. Jesus still has His arms stretched out to you. If you will listen to Him, He is offering the free gift of salvation.

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