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Discover the Book - December 5

  • 2020 Dec 05


The Good Life Lives for Jesus

Are you living the "good life" today? For many that idea of the "good life" would evoke financial security, great health, abundant pleasures, and constant freedoms.

But sadly most of those pursuing that ‘good life" never find it;

and what they thought was lasting fades;

and what they thought was secure gets lost;

and what they thought was pleasure becomes pain;

and what they thought was real turns out to be fake.

Tragic, isn't it? To miss the real "good life" for an imitation that is broken and useless - and all the time missing what Jesus offers, the most incredible life possible for any human to possess.

What is the "good life"? It is a life that flows from within. It is the original and genuine "good life". All other varieties but His are counterfeit. Only Christ's ‘good life' never ends. All the rest do.

That is where we start in Mark 4.8 & 20. But before we hear Christ's voice today remember that anyone who is honest and has looked at life apart from God soon realizes that the world's pleasures only offer the best at the first, and then, once you are "hooked," things start to get worse.

Last week as I tuned in to hear news at the top of the hour I was a couple minutes early. Unlike anything this world offers, Jesus continues to offer that which is best until we one day enjoy the finest blessings in His eternal kingdom (Luke 22:18). So how do we make sure we have today this "good life" that is genuine? The best way to start is to listen to Him, the Author of the "good life"

Note that it is that which "comes from within". So just as a good heart has fruit that comes from within and that fruit is produced by God. So we should see from within us fruit that springs up, increases, and comes to maturity.

We are the company of the unworthy, doing the impossible for the Glory of Another. Never was more asked of anyone than what Jesus Christ asks of you and me TODAY!


In the Gospels we can trace Christ's calls to commitment. He states we can't be His disciples unless we desire to obey these expressions of devotion to Him.

Please copy and paste this URL into your browser bar to see the six ways that we evidence Christ as our Teacher, and that we are His Followers:


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