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Discover the Book - October 6

  • 2020 Oct 06

Enoch's Walk of Faith

Are you taking advantage of the greatest offer ever made? You and I were created to walk with God. He offers to each of us today the privilege and joy of walking side by side with us through life. What could be greater than that?

The question for each of us is, are we walking with God? We have been offered a life long walk with God toward our Heavenly Home. We are citizens of a far away country but can take steps every day Heavenward. Are we? Do we long for our city that has foundations, which God has built us? Do we long for a home that can never be shaken, quaked, burned, flooded, or taken away?

The good news of God's Word is that wherever you are in life, however close or far from God, you can begin walking with God today! Now that is the best news I know of, and that is exactly what we are going to see in God's Word today.

How Do We Walk With God?

Please join me in the faith chapter this morning, Hebrews 11. And starting in v. 1 we need to see the secret of walking with God in the Lost World; that is what Enoch did. His secret was faith.

Before we go too far into this topic, let me define what walking with God is all about. If we were to interview the characters of the Bible who testified that they walked with God, here is a collective answer they would give us from the pages of the Word.

The definition of Walking with God is habitual communion with Him.

1.  Walking with God for us was a sense of God's presence, a belief that God is, that God notices us, and that God is aware of where we are and what we do at all times.

2.  Walking with God for us was a sense of His favor, a conviction that He is reconciled to us, and that He loves us.

3.  Walking with God for us was a life long looking to Him in our inward and outward conduct; an outgoing of the heart and thoughts towards Him in prayer, thanksgiving, love, reverence, and confidence; and the consequent desire and effort to accommodate ourselves to His will, and to please Him.

4.  Walking with God for us was a habit of listening to God by the believing reception of His communications to us. God dwells with his people. He manifests Himself to them, as He does not unto the world. He reveals to them His glory. He sheds abroad His love in their hearts. He by His Spirit brings His word and promises to mind, and thus maintains a constant intercourse between Himself and the souls in whom He dwells.

What can we discern about Enoch's walk? If we piece his life together we find the secrets of his walking with God. Let's start in Hebrews 11.

Enoch Believed God 

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is. (11:6a)

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