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Discover the Book - Jan. 12, 2011

  • 2011 Jan 12

Genesis: Calling Into Being


The Pentateuch is the designation for those first five OT books. Moses was the author of all of these crucial books. We are sure of that because Jesus said so in His ministry here on earth. The five books lay a foundation for the rest of the Word of God. Note with me the unifying theme each book is built around:


Genesis "Calling into Being"

Exodus "Calling out of Bondage"

Leviticus "Calling unto Consecration"

Numbers "Calling from Confusion"

Deuteronomy "Calling back to the Covenant"


The Book of Genesis [Greek for ‘origin, source or beginning'] starts with the Hebrew word bereshith which means ‘in the head of all things'. This speaks of the absolute beginning, before which is nothing as we know it -- but God in Three Persons.  This book introduces in the first eleven chapters, most of the major doctrines of Christianity. These are, the Doctrines of: God, creation, man, sin and the coming redeemer, divine love, judgment, consequences of sin, fellowship with the Creator God, worship and the family. These ten areas are enlarged upon throughout the Scriptures.


Note the starting points for each of these Doctrines, as they weave through the Word of God.


·         GOD [1:1] Elohim is a plural noun followed by a singular verb which emphasizes monotheism and trinity. The first words of Genesis dispel any notion of the following errors: 1. Atheism ‘In the beginning God'; 2. Polytheism ‘God'; 3. Materialism [belief that matter is eternal] ‘created heaven and earth'; 4. Pantheism [which makes God and the universe identical] ‘God created heaven and earth'; 5. Fatalism [the doctrine of chance] ‘God created'.

·         CREATION is described using four words: a.) bara [1:1, 21, 27; 2:4] which is God "making something from nothing";  b.) asah [1:16, 25, 26; 2:2] which denotes "making something from materials already created"; c.) yatsar [2:7, 19] is a beautiful word for "fashioning, making as a potter, man from the dust of the earth";  d.) banah [2:22] means "to build".

·         MAN was created in perfection [1:26-31]; falls into sin [3:1-8]; alienated from God and cursed [3:9-19]; driven from intimacy with God [3:20-24].


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