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Discover the Book - July 20

  • 2018 Jul 20

Using the Divine Plans to Build the Ultimate Life.

Afflictions: What, When, and Why?

Affliction – Job said it was unavoidable, Paul said expect it as part of God’s plan, and Jesus said don’t fear I won’t take it away just go with you through it!

The Christian life will sometimes be painful and full of problems. To get an idea of the scope of affliction just interview a few characters of the Bible. Does following the Lord have a price attached?

Ask Abel, his blood still cries from the earth where it splashed as a wicked brother murdered him in the first religious war. Abel was a man of simple faith and Cain the murderer was a man of human achievement.

Or you may wish to listen to Enoch about how painfully hard it was to walk all alone with God when the whole world wasn’t. Again you might hear the voice of Noah rising above the hostile crowd who pressured and pestered him for 120 years as he obeyed God even when no one else in the world listened, believed or even cared. The Christian life will sometimes be painful and full of problems.

Scriptures are filled with the painful troubles that follow God's saints. Abraham had to leave all his loved ones and culture behind, to follow God. He wandered in the desert and lived in a tent awaiting a son whom it never seemed was going to come. And then he nearly had to kill that son of promise as an offering to God. Jacob wrestled and was crippled, Joseph fled sin and yet God let him get falsely accused, chained and injured. Dinah was a modest young woman yet was kidnapped and raped while in the family tree of the Messiah. Being in God's family doesn’t mean a life of leisure. The Christian life will sometimes be painful and full of problems.

Psalm 119:71 “It is good for me that I have been afflicted, That I may learn Your statutes.”

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