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Discover the Book - Sept. 6, 2009

  • 2009 Sep 06



The key to the past history of planet Earth is the Bible.  The key that unlocks all the mysterious past events in human history is God's Word.  The key to open the vistas of future history for the destiny planet Earth hurtles toward is the Word of God. 

Across the face of our world seethes ethnic rivalry, genocide, ancient hatred, religious and regional warfare. Where did the races and nations come from? Nationalism is rising from the Balkans to the Orient.  Terrorists seek to cause concessions to gain independence in the Basque country, Northern Ireland, Palestinian areas and other places.  How did all this start?  Genesis 10 gives us  the birth of the nations. So, the Bible is the key to the present, which is written in God's Word in the past!  

Open with me to perhaps the most fascinating chapter in the Bible, The Table of the Nations.  God's map of all the human family,  the ultimate genealogy.   All of our relatives are found in just one chapter of God's Word! 

In Isaiah 40 and 41 the Biblical explanation of national and tribal origins is far superior to any evolutionary ideas, both morally and genetically.  Note that the Bible does not mention the concept of "race" at all, only languages, peoples, tribes and nations.  The most important difference between groups of men, of course, is not skin color, but language.   It is only the language barrier that could enforce isolation and inbreeding among men, and it is only such inbreeding that could have produced the many distinctive physical characteristics of the different groups. 

The reason why Neanderthal Man was somewhat stooped and brutish in structure was not because he was newly evolved from the ape, but because he had health problems.

"Now, at long last, thanks to the investigations of Dr. Francis Ivanhoe of London, who published his findings in the August 8, 1970, issue of Nature, the Neanderthal puzzle may have been solved.  His review of the currently available anthropological and medical evidence shows that Neanderthal Man was evidently the victim of his decision to move too far north at the wrong time, the onset of a glacial age.  In doing so, contends Dr. Ivanhoe, he lost sufficient contact with the ultra-violet rays of the sun and because his diet did not provide the missing nutrient, he contracted rickets, the Vitamin D deficiency disease, which was to deform him for thousands of years to follow."

There seems little of substance remaining in the old evolutionary ideas that man is merely an evolved animal.  Both physiologically and behaviorally, man has always been man and the ape has always been an ape.  Except for the exaggerated chronologies still employed by the evolutionists, all that we really know of man's early history fits in perfectly well with the Biblical implications of the nature and migrations of men after the Flood.

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