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Accountability from Affinity - Ed Young Television Devotional - 2/2

  • 2021 Feb 02

Ed Young Television Devotional

Accountability from Affinity

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”  Hebrews 4:13


Accountability. That can be a scary word. Some may interpret accountability as a way for someone else to control us. It’s easier to keep some things hidden in the dark, isn’t it? But God included this passage in His word for a reason. He knows our nature. He knows how easy it is for us to slip and fall. He knows the enemy uses our weaknesses against us; to ensnare us, and to eventually kill us.

The good news is God made a way for us. Not only does His love and grace cover a multitude of sins, but He also loves us enough to not leave us the way we are. He takes us from our old ways onto a better path; one that brings us closer to Him. He’s not here to repress us, but to bless us. So ask yourself today: am I willing to stay anchored to God’s path He has for me and be accountable to Him?


“God, make me accountable so no sin will stay hidden in my life. Put people in my life I can trust and open up to. Help me to stay on a path of righteousness.”


If you haven’t already, talk to someone you trust in your life, who is a believer, and tell them what you are going through. Join a small group and stay accountable!

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