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The Yoke is No Joke - Ed Young Television Devotional - 4/22

  • 2021 Apr 22

Ed Young Television Devotional

The Yoke is No Joke

“Do not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together.”  Deuteronomy 22:10

In today’s world, farming references can sometimes seem outdated; the tactics can seem disconnected. But in the Bible, when God used farming to illustrate relationships, the picture was clear to the audience. A yoke is a simple piece of farm equipment. When a famer yoked two animals of similar build and equal strength, the results were straight lines for the planting and harvesting. No farmer in his right mind would yoke together two animals of varying size and strength; the results would be much less than ideal.

When it comes to life, God wants our closest relationships to be people who have a similar mindset and belief system as we do. It allows us to go through life in a much more effective and powerful way. We don’t ignore others who don’t have those similar views; they are still in our “farm”. However, when it comes to the work that we must do to impact the world, we must make sure we are yoked together with those who are heading in the same direction as we are.

Pray for God to reveal to you if you are yoked up to the right THEY. If not, pray for discernment and strength to find the right THEY. If you are yoked up with the right THEY, pray for the strength to continue down the right path.

Who is the right THEY in your life? Encourage them today. Text them and let them know how much you appreciate being “yoked together” with them!

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