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Demons - Every Man Ministries - January 23

  • 2020 Jan 23


"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world." - Ephesians: 6:12

Demons are patient and persistent in their quest to gradually insinuate their influence on your thinking to gain control of a piece of your life. They will work against you just as your flesh and the world will. They will encourage gray areas and complaints about discomfort or loss, and then they will offer easy solutions. They will exploit your conflictedness and pounce on your negative emotions with a laundry list of suggestions provided by Satan himself. They will help you arrange your thinking in such a way so that sin looks really good and totally logical. They like to intrude and invade your life with a lot of bad thinking. These guys are not from the neighborhood. They are salesmen that have been studying your film. They know the character of men and exactly what to play to among our fantasies, pride and insecurities. They learned from the master. They are on your porch because they smell disagreement and rebellion in your spirit. Like bloody chum attracts a school of sharks.

You know it’s Satan and his murderess angelic beings when the suggestions, thoughts, fears, discouragement, temptations and core conflicts are getting magnified in your imagination. Then there will be an offering of the reality that is better than any God is offering. It’s not just a solution; it’s a voluptuous solution—that plays into your feelings and overrides your faith. There are no cease fires, no lulls, no moments of relaxation, and no truces. The reason is that the ever present flaws in your character can produce conflicts that change your relationships with God and people.

Father you have given me the power of the Holy Spirit and a choice

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