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Experiencing LIFE Today - May 15, 2015

  • 2015 May 15


I gave because it's the most fun you can have with money, and you'll never know that unless you try. — Larry Stewart

Larry was a man who’d lost everything. It had been two days since he’d eaten, so he went into a diner, ordered his food, and pretended to lose his wallet. The owner suspected what was going on. He walked over, pretended to find a twenty-dollar bill on the floor, and said, “Hey, son, I think you dropped this.”

Almost 30 years later, Larry was quite successful. He looked up the owner of that diner, drove to his house, and returned the $20 with $9,980 in interest.

A year later, Larry started giving away $100 bills at Christmas – $25,000 every year. Everyone called him the Secret Santa. After almost three decades of doing this, Larry was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The quote above is Larry’s hope for the rest of us – that we’ll discover the adventure of radical generosity. And if any of you have wealth, it’s because God has been really gracious to you.

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth… - (Deuteronomy 8:18)

Listen, we have a weird thing going on in our culture. Everyone wants more money, but we tend to look down on those who are wealthy. And to be honest, compared to most people in the world, almost all of us are wealthy. So don’t beat yourself up for being “wealthy.” It’s not sinful to have money; it’s sinful to love money. Possessing money simply says you get to choose where it goes as the Spirit leads. I wish more believers had more money, because then more believers would be choosing where it goes.

The Lord has been gracious to you. How can you extend that grace to those around you? How can you let the overflow in your life spill into the life of someone else?

Buying things – it feels good, I won’t lie. But blessing people? Larry was convinced there was nothing like it. So much so that he gave away over $1 million worth of hundreddollar bills during his lifetime. And before he died, Larry took the time to train other Secret Santas to continue his tradition.

So what would you do if you decided to carry on the tradition of ridiculously fun generosity? Where could you start … today?

Jesus, perhaps I can’t give away $25,000 in cash every Christmas, but I still desire to have fun in my giving. I want to experience the joy of giving – joy that surpasses that found in getting. Bring Your creativity into my finances. Let’s do this together. It’s Your money. Show me in miraculous ways where You want it to go today. Amen.

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