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Grace Moments Devotions - May 15, 2018

  • 2018 May 15

How is it with your soul?
Jason Nelson

The English clergyman John Wesley asked people he met, “How is it with your soul?” He didn’t ask, “How’s it going?” The answer would have been superficial. Our love for each other must run deep, because people are like icebergs. There is much more beneath the surface.

Helpers to King Saul inquired about his soul. They noticed when he wasn’t right (see 1 Samuel 16:15,16). They noticed that a spirit of sadness was terrifying him and that he was tormented by an awful depression.They sent in David to calm Saul’s troubled soul.

Concern for someone’s soul includes concern for their mental health. People we love are inwardly terrified by depression and other mood disorders. The symptoms don’t show up on X-rays but can be observed by those close to them. These are serious illnesses that befall people in an imperfect world. And like other illnesses, they are treatable. Unfortunately, there is stigma attached to getting help. David’s music calmed Saul’s troubled soul. Today we have other therapies.

Mental illnesses are not a curse from God but crosses to bear. Our loved ones need our patience, understanding, and assistance in bearing them. If you know someone who is unusually sad or volatile, please inquire about their soul. Please direct them to treatment. And if a spirit of sadness is terrifying you, please get help so that it may be well with your soul.

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