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Heartlight Daily Verse 10/21

  • 2020 Oct 21

October 21

Psalms 40:8

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.


Thoughts on today's verse


Too many of us are paranoid about the word law and find it hard to hear a scripture like this. But we must recognize that the goal of the New Covenant of grace and Spirit is that God's law is written on our hearts, not on tablets of stone. Jeremiah prophesied of such a day. The focus, desiring to do God's will -- a passion to love the things our Father loves and despise the things he despises.



Abba Father, I do want to do your will. I want to please you, glorify you, and lead others to you. Give me spiritual discernment to know your will and spiritual courage to do it today. I want your character and righteousness to inform my heart when I am tempted not to live for you. Gently humble me when I am wrong or have lost my way. Through Jesus I pray. Amen.'

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