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In Touch 05-10-04

  • 2004 May 10

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Monday, May 10
InTouch Early Light Devotional

God Desires Your Success
Joshua 1:1-9

We enjoy reading success stories of ordinary people whose achievements surpass all expectations. Whether their accomplishments have to do with athletic contests, intellectual pusuits, or business ventures, we applaud their success.

In God's eyes, genuine success is something that happens on the inside of us and is revealed externally through our actions and reactions. Therefore, when God looks for success, He disregards earthly achievements, awards, and honors and looks instead at our resemblance to His Son Jesus Christ. Is God opposed to wealth? No, for He is the source of it. Does God object to our becoming well known or outstanding in our field? No, for He gives us our talents and gifts. But we cannot claim to be a success in God's sight when we measure by these standards. God calls us successful when, having accepted Christ as our Savior, we follow His direction and become more like Jesus.

Because God wants us to succeed, He has provided scriptural principles of success for us to practice. He has included testimonies of victorious lives of faith for us to study and emulate. What's more, in His own Son's life, He has given us the most powerful example possible of love and obedience.

God is committed to us and to our success. How committed are we? Jesus said that He did nothing on His own initiative - neither in speech nor in work. (John 8:28) His desire was to live every aspect of His life just the way the Father had planned. Is this our desire? If so, then true success will follow.

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