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In Touch 05-28-04

  • 2004 May 28

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday, May 28
InTouch Early Light Devotional

Walking with God
Genesis 6:9; 22

Noah walked with God, even in a decadent world. How did he do it?  Part of the answer is in Genesis 5:24.

Noah's great grandfather, Enoch, walked with God. The lifestyle of Noah's family made it possible for him to walk with God even though none of his neighbors did.

Noah was walking with God before he built the ark. We learn to walk with God by just following Him every day. We learn to be ready for the big issues when we walk with God on the ordinary days. Then, when a big challenge comes along, we are already walking by faith.

Noah's test of obedience came when God gave him unusual instructions - to build an ark and to bring two of every animal inside. Through all this, Noah continued his faithful and fruitful walk with God.

He kept his focus on the Lord's plan, the Lord's project, and the Lord's direction.

When you and I walk with God, we learn to listen to Him and hear His voice. Then it doesn't matter what others say, as long as we know we've heard the Lord. Some of us have journeyed through difficult places in our lives. But it's not where we walk that matters, but with whom. Anywhere we walk with God - no matter how painful it feels - is a place of serenity and safety.

And remember, when we walk with God, we will never take a wrong step. We will never regret a day. We will always be grateful for the moment we decided to travel alongside almighty God.

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