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In Touch 12-04-04

  • 2004 Dec 04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


Saturday December 4, 2004
Putting Off Procrastination
Acts 24:24-27

Some people like to say that they are "born procrastinators." According to Scripture, that is impossible for believers. Procrastination is a form of bondage in a person's life, and God, who desires the best for us, didn't design us to be enslaved.

There are two genuine causes of procrastination. The first is discomfort dodging - many people put off an action because of the uncomfortable or anxious feelings related to it. In today's Bible passage, Felix is fearful of Paul's talk about righteousness, self-control, and judgment. As a result, he sends the apostle away so he can avoid uneasiness. The second cause for putting things off is self-doubt. If we feel inadequate to complete a task, we very well may choose not to begin.

In our spiritual life, we sometimes delay Bible reading and meditating before God because He brings to the surface issues we need to confront. When those subjects do come up, we often choose to procrastinate about dealing with them. But though issues like pride, guilt, or self-control are uncomfortable to face, dodging them obstructs God's purpose in our life.

When we postpone taking action, we become preoccupied with the possibility of failure or fear of doing something wrong. Consequently, we are drained of the creativity and energy that we need to tackle chores we should be doing. If we put off the duties that God gives us, we are disobeying Him. Procrastination is not a laughing matter. If you are given to delay, identify your problem areas and the feelings that accompany them. Confess your procrastination to the Lord and rely on His strength.


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