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In Touch 4-9-05

  • 2005 Apr 09

Saturday April 9, 2005
Sharpening Our Spiritual Hearing

John 10:2-5

God speaks personally to His children in a variety of ways. His primary method is through the truth of Scripture, but He also communicates from His Spirit to ours. God will use circumstances and other people to confirm what Scripture is saying.

To train ourselves to listen carefully for what God says, we must remember that hearing is an active, ongoing process. Our minds are to be focused on the idea that He has something to communicate throughout our busy day. In addition, we need to give the Lord some of our time without distractions.

We should expect God to speak in all situations—and to do so in a way we can understand. Another key component of spiritual hearing is meditation on God's Word; diligence in this creates an attitude that is conducive to listening. And while we read, it is important to ask questions such as, "Lord, is there an example here for me to follow?" or "Does this promise or command apply to my situation?"

Active listening includes responding to what we hear. We struggle because we are not sure we heard correctly or we fear that the idea is our own rather than His will. God wants us to release our fear of making mistakes and take a step of
faith. When He sees that our heart's desire is to walk His way, the Lord will gently correct any missteps and guide us down His path.

To develop a listening spirit takes a strong desire and regular practice. Is your heart inclined toward hearing from Him?


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