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In Touch - July 27, 2007

  • 2007 Jul 27

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

July 27, 2007 – Changing Doubt to Trust – Psalm 19:7-11 

            Moments of doubt come to every believer occasionally. Perhaps we’ve prayed about a problem, but the solution falls through. Maybe we’ve obeyed God, but our situation worsens. Or a criticism might make us question our ability to carry out His plan. 

            When doubts linger, they can affect our relationship with God in a variety of ways: 

            First, doubt affects our fellowship with God. Believers are to live by faith, which is the only way to please God. Doubt short-circuits faith and causes insecurity. 

            Second, our prayer life suffers. Our prayers become ineffective when we fail to trust God. The impossible becomes possible only for those who believe God and don’t doubt. 

            Third, doubt can affect our service to God. The Lord asks Christians to do God-sized tasks. But He doesn’t leave us to our own devices. He promises the Holy Spirit will empower us to fulfill His plan. When we doubt, we’ll either fail to answer God’s call or stop halfway through. 

            Fourth, doubt affects our blessings. It produces discouragement, which crowds out our joy and peace in the Lord. 

Spiritual uncertainty comes from a variety of sources. These include unconfessed sin, lingering guilt, misplaced focus, and misunderstanding or ignorance of the truths of Scripture. When doubts surface, follow these simple steps: First, identify which part of your thinking is causing you not to trust God. Second, recall a time when He faithfully carried you through a trial. And, third, identify one of God’s promises or attributes that point the way back to faith.


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