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In Touch - March 29, 2006

  • 2006 Mar 29

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday March 29, 2006

The Cost of Not Waiting

Exodus 2:11-15


The television/DVD remote is a powerful tool in many homes. It determines which show is watched, how high the sound is, and

whether a program plays or stops. The person who holds it has control.


In a similar way, we like to be in charge of our own lives — determining the starts, stops, pauses, and rewinds along our way. A lifestyle of waiting upon God challenges us because it requires that we put aside the right to order our existence and instead submit to Him.


Failure to wait on the Lord can have serious consequences. First and foremost, we’ll find ourselves out of His will. Jesus declared, “Apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). Our self-efforts, which are accomplished without God’s leading, do not please Him. Secondly, our being outside His purpose delays His planned blessing. Divine reward is promised to those who believe in the Savior and are obedient to Him (Ephesians 6:8). To obey requires that we wait on the Lord for both instruction and timing before responding.


Marching ahead without God in the lead can have a high price. It cost Moses his home in Egypt. Our independent lifestyle can bring us unnecessary pain; even worse, it can also cause others heartache and suffering. We may lose out in relationships, finances, and future opportunities. What’s more, in the aftermath of choices made apart from God, we can find ourselves thinking those sad words, If only…


Pausing before the Lord is challenging, but the alternative — being out of His will — is too costly. Hit the stop button on your life frequently, and seek His direction.


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