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In Touch - November 28, 2005

  • 2006 Nov 28

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Monday November 28, 2005

The Gift of Prophecy

Romans 12:4-8


Spiritual gifts are a tremendous blessing from God. Using them will bring us much satisfaction, but to employ them properly, we must walk closely with the Spirit.


Consider the gift of prophecy, which is the ability to speak forth the truth. If we are endowed in this way, we will exhibit certain character traits.


1. Expressing God's viewpoint. We will have a strong need to discuss issues from a spiritual perspective. Because of our firm sense of right and wrong, people may judge us as intolerant. But our words are trustworthy, as long as we allow the Spirit to guide them.


2. Revealing deception. As we exercise our gift, we will be motivated to speak out regarding anything that looks deceptive or untrue. Out of a desire for righteousness and God-honoring obedience, we will speak to the heart of the matter and let go of other details. To some, we will appear to be poor listeners. Others will scrutinize our lives. By remaining Christ-centered, we will be able to speak the truth and avoid falling into deception ourselves.


3. Utilizing discernment. We will develop the ability to detect the character and motives of individuals and groups. The Spirit of God prompts us to address heart issues, but our frankness can be viewed as harshness. By allowing love to undergird all we say and by keeping a close watch on our own lives, we will avoid hypocrisy in our words and actions.


Each of us has at least one heavenly gift. If yours is prophecy, use it as the Spirit directs for the body's spiritual growth.

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