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InTouch 04-16-04

  • 2004 Apr 16

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

April 16
In Touch Daily Devotional

Snared By The Schemer
2 Corinthians 2:10-11

Schemes are seldom what they appear to be. Though ploys may sound advantageous, they usually work to your detriment because they were devised to get something from you. In our daily lives, Satan's primary scheme is to alienate you from the love of God and to defeat you. If he can manipulate you into narrowing your focus to your own desires, you will no longer see the Lord's "big picture."

Throughout the Bible, people have been tempted by Satan. In Genesis, Eve wasn't able to see all God gave her because she focused on one fruit (Genesis 3). In Joshua, Achan was trapped by his desire for wealth, and he sinned against God (Joshua 7:20-25).

Even a man abundantly blessed by God can fall into a trap set by the Enemy.  King David went up to the palace roof and spotted a beautiful woman bathing.  (2 Samuel 11:1-2) This single action led to a number of tragic events in his life.  Simply by taking his eyes off God and all that He had provided, King David committed the most disastrous mistake of his life.

Temptation by its very nature is attractive.  Satan works tirelessly to close your heart to God's will by focusing on your weaknesses.  But you who have committed yourself to the Lord have died and been raised with Christ.  He is now your life (Colossians 3:1-4). When tempted, ask yourself, How will this choice affect my relationship with Christ? How does it fit into God's will? Set your mind, heart, and will solely on His "big picture," and watch for His blessing.

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