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Confronting A Young Radical Student - Insights from Bill Bright - Dec. 11

  • 2021 Dec 11



Confronting A Young Radical Student


The word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires. It exposes us for what we really are.  Nothing in all creation can hide from him (Hebrews 4:12-13). 



Dear friends:


One day some years ago, I was speaking on a large university campus.  A young radical student confronted me.  I later discovered he was the head of the Communist Party on this big campus.  He demonstrated and railed at me before all the students.  He didn't like the idea that I was encouraging students to follow Christ as their Lord and Savior.  He had other plans for these students.


Rather than argue, I invited him to come to our home for dinner, which he did.  He was a very brilliant young man, articulate, and winsome.  I found him to be a delightful guest.  


Finally, after dessert, I picked up my Bible and said, "I want to read something to you from the Bible."  He reacted with obvious irritation.  "I have read the Bible from cover to cover," he exclaimed.  "It's a ridiculous book.  It's filled with contradictions, lies and myths.  I don't want to hear anything from the Bible."  


I replied, "If you don't mind, I will read it anyway."  


I began to read to him from the Gospel according to John, chapter 1: "Before anything else existed, there was Christ, with God.  He has always been alive and is Himself God.  He created everything there is -- nothing exists that He didn't make.  Eternal life is in Him, and this life gives light to all mankind...."  (TLB).


When I concluded reading, he said, "Let me see that -- I don't remember reading that."  He read it thoughtfully, then handed the Bible back to me without comment.  


Then I turned to Colossians, Chapter 1, which records, "Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God.  He existed before God made anything at all, and, in fact, Christ Himself is the Creator who made everything in heaven and earth, the things we can see and the things we can't... all were made by Christ for His own use and glory...." (TLB).


He was very sober.  After reading a couple of other passages from God's inspired Word, this young man was obviously very moved.  His entire countenance had changed.  We chatted briefly, and after a time as he stood to leave, I asked him if he would write in our guest book.  He penned his name and address, after which he wrote these words, which I shall never forget: "The night of decision," a decision to receive and follow Christ.  


Yours for fulfilling the Great Commission each year until our Lord returns,

Bill Bright

The late Dr. Bill Bright was Founder and President/Chairman Emeritus of Campus Crusade for Christ, an organization which began as a campus ministry in 1951 and now has more than 27,000 full-time staff and up to 500,000 trained volunteer staff in 196 countries in areas representing 99.6 percent of the world's population. In the past 50 years, Campus Crusade for Christ has seen approximately 6 billion exposures to the gospel worldwide. The film, "JESUS," which Bright conceived and funded through Campus Crusade for Christ, is the most widely translated and viewed film of any type ever produced. Since its use began in 1980, the film has been translated into 839 languages and viewed or listened to by over 5.7 billion people in 228 countries. Dr. Bright was also the author of more than fifty books. Visit campuscrusade.com for more details

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