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Friend of Sinners...2nd Verse

  • 2012 Jun 05

lovSame song, second week. The tune is from Casting Crowns. The song “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” continues to rock my world. Last week I wrote about how we followers of Jesus do damage with snap judgments and lack of compassion for others. This week I have been thinking about these lyrics.

Nobody knows what we're for only what we're against when we judge the wounded
What if we put down our signs crossed over the lines and love like You did

I decided to write down some things I am for and some things I do not believe but often get accused of by others. Some things I do not believe.

I do not believe you have to be of a particular political persuasion to be a Christian. Like it or not, heaven will be bipartisan and I am totally fine that there will not be sides of the golden aisles.

I do not believe that God is “judging” America for any particular sin. But if He is judging this country I would suspect it is for the massive squandering of wealth and resources that we have been blessed with while giving back an average of less than three percent.

I do not believe in ranking sins for their offensiveness to a Holy God. Some things are more offensive to us but all sin is equally intolerable to a Holy God.

I do not believe that censorship, boycotts, or politics will redeem this culture…only a spiritual renewal can accomplish such redemption.

I do not believe that it is my place to relish or desire eternal punishment for others. I am willing to leave that to a righteous and just God who sees the real heart and motives for each one of us and Who will judge justly.

Here is what I am for.

I am for trying to see everyone through the eyes of Jesus because my eyes are prejudiced and prideful.

I am for trying to love them like Jesus because my love is selfish.

I am for letting others know that my relationship with Jesus has changed my life, given my life purpose, given me strength to endure tragedy, and real hope for the future.

I am for authentically relating how this personal relationship with the living God saved my marriage and made me a better father to my sons.

I am for being gentle in relating the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in every situation and mired in any sin. My goal is to introduce them to Jesus and let them work out their salvation in fear and trembling.

I am for exhibiting grace and forgiveness to those who attack me for not sharing their views.

I am for praying to be an example of the living Christ to everyone I come in contact so that I can be salt and light to my little circle of influence.

I am for being willing to be an advocate for those wounded by the church and other Christians. Our lack of unity must grieve the Lord who prayed for unity of the body during His final agonizining hours before His betrayal, mock trial, and crucifixion.

I am for being secure enough in my identity in Christ to never be surprised or repulsed by the actions of those who do not have a relationship with Jesus. The Lord Himself was always gentle with sinners and always tough on religious hypocrites. We have reversed his example far too often. We are too tough on sinners and too gentle with the hypocrites.

I am for giving generously of my time and treasure to those who have not been as materially blessed in my neighborhood, my country, and around the world.

That is what I am for. I often fall short of the target. And that is why I am especially for living out of grace.



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