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Leaves of Life - August 29

  • 2018 Aug 29


  • John Locke born 1632.
  • John Fawcett born 1768.
  • Frederick D. Maurice born 1805.
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes born 1809.
  • Maurice Maeterlinck born 1862.

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,
As the swift seasons roll!
Leave thy low-vaulted past!
Let each new temple, nobler than the last,
Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast,
Till thou at length art free,
Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea!

—Oliver Wendell Holmes.

We all live in the sublime. Where else can we live? That is the only place of life. Though you have but a little room, do you fancy that God is not there, too, and it is impossible to live therein a life that shall be somewhat lofty? Do you imagine that you can possibly be alone, that love can be a thing one knows, a thing one sees; that events can be weighed like the gold and silver of ransom?
—Maurice Maeterlinck.

My soul waiteth in silence for God only:
From him cometh my salvation.

—Psalm 62. 1.

Loving Father, help me to live, that my spirit may always dwell in thy protecting love. Amen.


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