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New Life Daily Devotion - Jan. 17, 2010

  • 2010 Jan 17

Unexpected Problems
2 Samuel 15

We made a decision to turn our wills and our lives over to the care of God.

There are times in recovery when it seems like we've made it. We reach a place where we feel like we can relax and stop living one day at a time. Then life surprises us with an unexpected problem.

King David had reached a pinnacle of success. He had conquered giants, won many battles, captured the hearts of his people, and overcome enemies on every side. While he was in this comfortable position, life surprised him with a rebellion led by his own son. Here's what happened: "A messenger soon arrived in Jerusalem to tell David, 'All Israel has joined Absalom in a conspiracy against you!' 'Then we must flee at once, or it will be too late!' David urged his men. 'Hurry! If we get out of the city before Absalom arrives, both we and the city of Jerusalem will be spared from disaster. . . . If the LORD sees fit,' David said, 'he will bring me back to see the Ark and the Tabernacle again. But if he is through with me, then let him do what seems best to him'_" (2 Samuel 15:13-14, 25-26).

King David wisely accepted what was happening and responded to reality, not to what he wished were true. It seems that David had gotten out of the habit of relying on God, day by day, but he quickly placed his life back in God's hands. God did protect him and returned him to the throne in Jerusalem. When life hits us with unexpected threats, we, too, can let that be a reminder to turn our lives back over to God.

When we think we've arrived, it's time to begin again.


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