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Night Whispers - March 31

  • 2020 Mar 31

Night Whispers Devotional

March 31st

Dream word – ROCK

Ezekiel 28:14

“You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.” NKJV.  

Stones of fire

The old Celtic legend says, that this particular saint had power over wild beasts, and in particular, had power over a “chrysalids” type of  gigantic cow, which was of use to him as a kind of ancient, all in one, U-Haul and milk truck. This particular cow had the care and oversight of a wild wolf who one day came and prostrated himself before the saint, repentant and forlorn, as a passing King had killed his charge for food. The King, having placed pieces of the cow in a cooking pot, despite the fierceness of the fires set under it could not get the water to boil! Thus the king, discerning both the power of God and their culpability in killing the saint’s large cow, eventually also came, and like the wolf, prostrated himself before the saint, as he and his entourage sought both his forgiveness and his protection from God’s wrath. These two things, St Brynach provided, and to prove the efficacy of his word, Brynach raised the giant cow from the dead, restoring him to the care of the wild wolf. For such devoutness, magnanimity and power, the king gave St Brynach land for a monastery and church and also freedom from taxation to boot, and frankly, who wouldn’t! Interestingly, it was this same given land, to which an angel of the Lord had previously directed Brynach to proceed to, as he was praying on the mount of his visitation. This mount is now named, Carn Ingli, or the Mount of Angels. Yes, this marvellous and still mystical region in the West of Wales, from which the magical and healing blue rocks of the Neolithic masterpiece we have come to know as Stonehenge were once hewn and quarried, was apparently first footed and owned by the angels and became to all spiritual peoples, a listening post, a meeting place, indeed, a sacred place of practical business between the material and spiritual realms. Wales is a strange place!

In noting God’s delight in all things material, I have observed from the Scripture, God’s particular fascination and delight with untouched stone, stone shaped only by those four distinct tools at His command and in His hand. That is, time and water, wind and weather. The Celts might have said that “These four Divine tools, make shapes among the rocks and amidst the standing stones, and in forming an interface between the spiritual and material realms, they scoop out conduits of power, make places of interaction and interface, and allow heaven to touch the earth!”

In the same way dear friends, God takes the passing of time, the wind of adversity, the water of His sanctification and the weather of our journey, to rightly shape His living stones of healing, His present saints, the church of His own dear Son, to change them into a listening post, even a proclaiming place of power, where heaven can touch the earth once more. Surely, when the living healing stones of Christ and the Holy priests of the Most High God, gather in the standing circle of His love, surely then, from within that sacred place and out of that true and magical Royal Blue Kingdom of the Son, anything is possible and anything can happen? From there, maybe even wolves could begin to care for giant cows once more and the Kings of the earth might come to us again, for healing, for protection, for power and for provision.

Stonehenge is being excavated once more, so that it’s secrets may be found, whilst the church IN these ancient lands and of these ancient lands, continues in its horrific decline into uncared for and unheeded “laughability”. It is time that the spiritual and the material once again meet together in the church of the living God.

Listen: “But He answered and said to them, ‘I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out’.” - Luke 19:40 NKJV.

Pray: So set a fire underneath Your standing stones O God, the heat of which would crack open our clam like mouths to speak forth the sweetest of praise to the greatest of names on the earth, under the earth and in the earth and in that great name of heaven we so confidently and rightly pray to you and shout out tonight. Jesus!

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