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Respond to the Call - NIV Devotions for Mom - Week of August 16

  • 2018 Aug 16

Respond to the Call

Verse:  James 1:22-25

Additional Scripture Readings:

 Matthew 7:21-27

 James 2:14-20

When God calls, will we respond or reject? Most of the time we want to respond. We run to our Lord, eager for his next command, hungry for the next assignment, ready to turn from what has been occupying us to what he wants us to do or be. Those moments are healthy. They need little discussion.

But there are other times when we are less eager to obey. When God calls to us, we face a choice: to respond or to reject. We reject when we listen to the Word and then rationalize that its message to us requires no response or action. We respond when we hear the Word and alter our behavior accordingly: We share our money to support God’s causes. We slow down and focus on what matters most in our days. We learn to show love to our husbands and children in selfless ways.

When God calls, will you respond or reject?  James 1:22  says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Do what it says. Do what it says. Respond to the call.

This devotion is from the NIV Mom's Devotional Bible by Zondervan. Used with permission.


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