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Powered by 4 - April 12, 2018

  • 2018 Apr 12


Today's reading: Titus 3:1-11

The message that God wants us to do good works as a follower of Christ runs throughout Paul's letter to Titus. And Titus 3 focuses in even more on believers doing good and being good people. One of the things that drew my attention from this final chapter was Paul's charge to Titus to make sure that the believers in Crete were aware that they needed to "be ready for every good work" (verse 1).

While planning is definitely a part of our doing good things for God (for example: signing up to serve at a shelter, helping at church, volunteering for a community service project, making a donation to a needy cause, etc.), the words "be ready" convey that, many times, our doing good needs to happen on the fly. In other words, much of our good works should happen spontaneously, as a natural response to our observing or becoming aware of a need. But what I've discovered over the years is that being ready to take action spontaneously requires some preparation on my part. Spending time with God through His Word and prayer is a must, and then I need to focus my thoughts on the goal of doing good and how I might accomplish that goal. One of my daily prayers is to ask God to help me be more aware of people who are hurting and needs I come across, and that I take action right then and there as needed.

Is it your practice to look for opportunities to help others and do good as you go about you day? How spontaneous would you say you are when it comes to doing good works? What's one thing you can start doing that will help you be even more "ready to do good" for God? Tami

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