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Round Two - Powered by 4 - July 24

  • 2018 Jul 24

Tuesday, July 24

Round Two

Today's reading: 2 Samuel 2:1-11

With Saul no longer in the picture and David being the man God has chosen to be the next king of Israel, you'd expect David to move into the position of king right away. But that's not how things shake out--at all. In his typical fashion, David seeks God's direction and follows it. The result is that David only assumes the position of king over the house of Judah. He doesn't become the king of Israel because Abner, the powerful commander of Saul's army, chooses to continue opposing David even though he knows that God has chosen David to be king, that David is honorable and that David never sought to harm Saul or remove him from the throne. And so begins another season of waiting and facing challenges for David.

Do you find it difficult to wait on God's timing and trust in His plan when things unfold differently than you anticipated? What does David show us, yet again, about continuing to serve God and move forward with life regardless of our circumstances? Tami

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