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God of Creation - Powered by 4 - July 7

  • 2018 Jul 07

Saturday, July 7

God of Creation

Today's reading: Psalm 104:1-35

I'm an outdoor kind of girl. I absolutely love anything and everything to do with nature, so reading through the details of God's creation and contemplating how God so perfectly orchestrated it all brought a smile to my face and refreshed my heart this morning. What an incredible reminder of God's greatness, His goodness and His exceptional care for all that He has created. As I reached the final verses of this incredibly descriptive song, I, like the psalmist, was eager to sing praises to God and proclaim His works to those around me.

How often do you take time to think about God as the Creator and Caretaker of all things? Why is this important? What encouraged you from this psalm today, and why? Tami

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