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Powered by 4 - June 25, 2014

  • 2014 Jun 25


today's reading.
Luke 9:18-22

the blog.
Today's blog is written by Tricia, editor for goTandem. Enjoy! 

A while back, my husband told me about how, as a little boy, he was fascinated with falling stars. As he rode in the back seat of the family car at night he would stare up at the sky and fix his eyes on one star, waiting for it to fall. As you can imagine, that never happened. And he probably missed other falling stars by focusing on the one he thought would make its dive from the heavens. 

Today's passage from Luke made me think of that story. The disciples finally (and no small task) seem to understand who Jesus is: "You are the Messiah sent from God!" Peter blurts out. So now! Now they can expect Jesus to bring the REALLY big miracles! He's been impressing them the last couple years with what He can do, but now He's really gonna bring out the big stuff. Get rid of the Romans and bring the glory back to Israel. Maybe even give the 12 of them a good job in His government. But they were stunned to hear Jesus say, so un-Messiah-like, that He "must suffer many things" and that He would be killed. 

It's a great thing that Jesus does the unexpected, the not-dreamed-about. If you're facing a situation and think you know what should happen; if you've fixed your heart and your prayers on a solution, step back. Widen your view. Look at Jesus, not your expectations. He will probably surprise you. 

When have you been surprised by Jesus? Will you trust His solutions more than your own? Tricia

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