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Powered by 4 - Oct. 14, 2012

  • 2012 Oct 14


Dangerous Attitude

today's reading.
Revelation 18:1-13    After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was made bright with his glory...

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"Babylon" is the focus today in Revelation 18:1-13. While John is describing Babylon as a great city here in Revelation 18, it is uncertain whether this is an actual city or not. Babylon, as it is set out here, is typically seen as a metaphor for the commercial and religious system left after the true Church has been raptured. What we see is that evil and wickedness are prevalent and sinful behaviors and attitudes rule the day.

These verses on Babylon give us a vivid picture of the sinful attitude and mindset that develops when we allow our wants and our desires to become our focus--we push God off the throne, the place that is rightfully His in our lives, and elevate ourselves to that position. Verse 7 was particularly telling "In her heart she says 'I sit as queen, I am no widow, and mourning I shall never see.'" All I could think after reading this was Yikes!

So how do we make sure that God is, and remains, number one in our lives? What are some checks and balances we might use to guard against our tendency to crowd in on God's place and control? Tami W.

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