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Solomon Lessons - Powered by 4 - October 24

  • 2018 Oct 24

Wednesday, October 24

Solomon Lessons

Today's reading: 1 Kings 1-11

Before turning to the New Testament tomorrow (taking a break from 1 Kings), I thought it would be beneficial for us to take today to think back over what we learned from reading about Solomon. Solomon's life is a unique one from which we can draw many lessons. It provides us with a wonderful picture of God-focused living as well as many examples of exercising godly wisdom and even lessons on how not to live.

Even though Solomon was the wisest man on earth and had a clear understanding of God and His sovereignty, he still chose to turn away from God and follow his own desires. This portion of Solomon's story is sobering, but I am thankful for the reminder it provides that no one is immune from sin. As a result, it is absolutely critical that we remain diligent about growing and nurturing our relationship with God.

What was the most impactful or important lesson you learned from Solomon's life example? And why? Tami

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