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Powered by 4 - September 16, 2015

  • 2015 Sep 16


Wrap Up

Today's reading: 2 Samuel 1-24

Today is our final day in 2 Samuel. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks in this rich Book as much as I have. I can tell you that I’ve certainly learned a lot as I’ve examined and considered the life of David. On Monday, we’re going to move into the Book of 1 Kings which begins with the final days of David and then moves on to Solomon and the kings that rule over Israel after him. This will provide us with a chronological progression of kings and continue to put before us many lessons about living for God.

So today before we move on, take a few minutes to think back over the entire Book of 2 Samuel. Did you have any “aha” moments as you took in and considered the life of David? What was the most significant lesson or point that God impressed on your heart from this Book? Tami

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