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Power Point - October 26, 2004


Let your eyes look straight ahead, and your eyelids look right before you.

                                                                                      --Proverbs 4:25


Many of us sang this little song as children: “Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.” That’s good theology! Our eyes are windows to our souls. Advertisers understand the power of visual effects to capture people and prompt them to respond. Companies pay outrageous amounts of money for a 30-second commercial during a major event such as the Super Bowl, because they’re banking on the power of their images to connect with viewers.


Unfortunately, the peddlers of sexual filth also understand the importance of the eyes. These people know how to entice their victims through what they see on television, at the movies, or on videos in a hotel room. If you aren’t on guard about what passes before your eyes and goes down into your heart, you are sowing dangerous seed that will yield a bitter harvest.


I know a great Christian leader who drapes a towel over the television set whenever he stays in a hotel room. Then he places his Bible on top of the towel, and a picture of his family on top of the Bible, just for good measure. That’s a great idea! Maybe we should start an accountability group for Christian men called “The Company of the Towel.” Do whatever it takes to help you guard your heart!


We have another tool to help us in the battle with our sex-saturated culture. It’s called the remote control—with the emphasis on control. That little piece of technology works very well when something comes on television that you or your children shouldn’t be watching. Just turn it off.


Let’s not kid ourselves. We have a lot of control over what goes into our minds and hearts. Some Christians are allowing moral cesspools to discharge filth into their homes via cable or satellite television channels. Practice safeguarding your home by strictly controlling what you and your family watch on the television…it’s the only way to resist that temptation and live holy and blameless before God.



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