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Perspective - She Seeks - Week of November 13

  • 2017 Nov 13

from an analogy that changed this girl's life.

It's not a snake. It's a rope. {I had to remind myself of this today.}

It was a lesson I learned from my counselor in the midst of my emotional breakdown during my sophomore year of college. Our counseling session started by him turning my attention to the dark corner of his office and asking what I saw. Confused, but obedient, I answered him, honestly, "Well that looks to me like a coiled up rope."

"Correct." He replied, continuing. "Now if I were to turn the lights off and take you over to the corner and make you feel instead of look at what was there, what might have you guessed?"

Even more confused, I thought about it for a minute. What looks and feels like a coiled up strip of rope? A snake? It was all I could think of, so snake was my response.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed. "You wouldn't have known it was a rope because you couldn't see it. And if you thought there was a snake in the corner of my office, the probability of you walking over there to turn on the lights yourself were slim to none. But I would have known it was a rope and I could have turned on the lights to show you. What you would see as harmful, I would know to be harmless. What you would have pulled away from, I would walk towards to show you the truth." And with that, he ended our session.

I left his office feeling disoriented and a little frustrated. In my mind, we hadn't accomplished anything! Little did I know that the analogy of snake vs. rope would come back full circle in the journey of my life.

You see, when we view things through the lens of our trauma, victimization, or circumstances we sometimes leave actual reality and enter a false reality. That is, the reality we create in our own minds from the trials, errors, and happenstances of our lives becomes false. We react to things not based on what they actually are, but what we think they are.

For example, if you were betrayed as a child, you may act out that fear by anticipating further betrayals in the relationships you currently have. In my own life, I was betrayed by my biological father, a man who was supposed to love me and protect me. Therefore, when I got married to a man that actually did love me and desired to protect me, I was always on edge, losing control of my wandering mind that made my husband out to be my enemy.

Most of the time, my journal entries look something like this:
He's my enemy. {Snake}
He's my biggest ally. {Rope}

He's going to leave me. {Snake}
He loves you & only you. More than anything. {Rope}

He's going to hurt me. {Snake}
You are safe. {Rope}

I am so grateful that when I most needed clarity, God used my counselor to help me gain a better perspective, since I didn't know which was which for a while. I needed my eyes to be opened to this concept, just as I needed people in my life — community through the church — to come along side me and help me identify which were the disastrous snakes and which were harmless ropes. And now, after learning a bit about perspective, when mine gets out of control, I remember those 6 strangely comforting words: It's not a snake. It's a rope.

So now it's your turn. What created the snake in your life? And who can you ask to help you identify your snakes and ropes? I'm right there with you, friends. Together, all together, we can do this.

Julianna spends 6 days of her week reading, writing, talking and singing, and the last one, sleeping. She is currently writing a book that further describes this idea of a self-created false reality. Read more of Julianna's story here.

© 2011 by Julianna Morlet. All rights reserved.

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