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Somebody Loves You - July 4, 2018

  • 2018 Jul 04

WEDNESDAY July 4, 2018

Independence Day

Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you; and therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed
are all those who wait for Him.

Isaiah 30:18

Today we celebrate the day the United States of America officially declared independence from England. On July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of separation from England, and the final revision on the Declaration of Independence was made on July 4, 1776.

While the founders declared man was endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Francis Bellamy said we are a nation built upon liberty and justice for all. Today we can be thankful for the godly wisdom of the men who have set up our nation as a democracy, with liberty and justice for all.

If these unalienable rights written in the Declaration of Independence are endowed by God, our Creator, then we must understand His character. He is a just God, giving justice to all.  Think about Psalm 9:7-9. These verses accurately describe Him as our Just Judge:

But the LORD abides forever; He has established His throne for judgment, and He will judge the world in righteousness; He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.

Job knew the character of God, and even though God allowed him to suffer tremendously, he said: Surely, God will not act wickedly, and the Almighty will not pervert justice (Job 34:12). Imagine, we serve an amazing God and live in an amazing country!

I pledge allegiance to my flag [the Flag of the United States of America]
and to the Republic for which it stands
one nation [under God], indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

~Francis Bellamy~

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