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Somebody Loves You - June 15

  • 2016 Jun 15

WEDNESDAY 15 June, 2016

Adding Insult to Injury

  And David said to Abishai and all his servants, “See how my son who came from my own body seeks my life. How much more now may this Benjamite? Let him alone, and let him curse; for so the Lordhas ordered him. - 2 Samuel 16:11

David had suffered a deep wound from Absalom; his actions against his own father had caused him an unbearable emotional pain. His favored son, whom he loved greatly, had turned against him.  Absalom, not only came to a place where he betrayed his father; he wanted his father dead. David must have asked himself over and over again––How can my son betray me? What caused him to lie to the people and win their hearts? Why did he say I had no time for them when I loved the Lord’s people?

Shimei who cussed, threw stones and dust seemed a small matter compared with what he was going through with his son. For the time being these minor actions against him were easily endured. David numbed by his sorrow let the man continue to add insult to injury.

In our own lives, it is not always those who are distant from us that become our enemies. Most of the time, it is those who are close to us.

From among our own families there are those who have become betrayers. Like Absalom they have become the Judas’ and they have caused great emotional suffering in our lives.

I can think of nothing more horrendous than to have our own flesh and blood come against us. But we also endure those who like Shimei will add salt on those wounds. People like him cannot be reasoned with; as they have formed their own opinions of the situation. Like David, leave them alone, embrace God’s Word for comfort and trust in God’s sovereignty.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

~Psalm 23:4~

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