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The Four Spiritual Secrets - October 7

  • 2019 Oct 07

MBC Daily Devotional

God’s Agenda and Our Agenda

 “… All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” - (Psalm 139:16 NIV)

I find it intriguing to know that in little genes that cannot be seen with the naked eye the genetic heritage of a human being is determined: how high their head will be from the sidewalk, the color of their eyes, their hair, the capacity of their intellectual gifts, their athleticism and even mannerisms are all wrapped up in microscopic genes.

In this inspired Psalm, David – a great warrior, king, man after the heart of God and hymn writer - tells us that before we existed as genes God had determined the days we would live on this earth. The Living Bible Paraphrase reads that before we existed God had an agenda for every day we were to live on this earth.

One day my wife and I woke up and prayed together that if our agenda for that day did not agree with God’s agenda we were willing to be preempted. While we were having lunch with our pastor son later that day, I realized I was having a heart attack. While the 911 people were taking me out the door I said to my wife, “Looks like we’re being preempted big time!”

They were able to turn things around before it became a full blown heart attack. However, that experience gave my wife and me a perspective we will never forget. There is God’s agenda and there is our agenda for every day we live. How should that truth impact the way we plan our agendas each day? Are we really willing to be preempted by God’s agenda every day?

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