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Time with God - August 21

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Matthew 5:4

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Following Jesus includes mourning, and that is a blessing!

Jesus has just appointed the Twelve Apostles and now he is describing the life he is calling them to. If you choose to follow hard after Jesus, it will involve some mourning. He may call you to leave the place you have always lived as he sends you to somewhere new. You may be far from people you love. Jesus may call you to stop watching some television shows that you really enjoy, because of what they feed into your mind. What’s more, when Jesus becomes the most important person in your life, it grieves you deeply when you realise that you have hurt him in some way or caused distress to the Holy Spirit who is in you.

That doesn’t sound like a blessing. Is Jesus really saying we are blessed when we mourn? Yes! Despite the initial pain of leaving things behind, of saying no to sins that you love, or recognising the pain you may have caused to the pure heart of God, when you choose to put God first in your life, you “shall be comforted”. God himself responds to you putting him first by coming very close to you relationally. Not only that, but he will begin working through you powerfully in the lives of others.

What you lose will be totally eclipsed by what you gain!

Have you had to give up something for the sake of following Jesus? Take some time now to reflect on what Jesus has blessed you with in return.

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