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Transformation Garden - January 8, 2019

  • 2019 Jan 08

Today’s Text and Thought of Encouragement:

“Then the woman said, ‘Let your handmaid, I pray you, speak one word to my lord the king,’ He (David) said, ‘Say on.’ She said, ‘When then have you planned such a thing against God’s people? For in speaking this word the king is like one who is guilty, in that he does not bring home his banished one.’”

II Samuel 14: 12, 13
Amplified Bible


“A Woman’s Wisdom” – Part 6

“A Wise Woman’s Boldness”

“God lends a hand to honest boldness.”


BOLD: Fearless and courageous. Requiring and showing bravery.

Has there been a time in my life when I have been called upon to exhibit a spirit of boldness in a matter of principle?

How did it make me feel to stand courageously for what is right?

“So we take comfort and are encouraged and confidently and boldly say, ‘The Lord is my Helper: I will not be seized with alarm,  will not fear or dread or be terrified. What can man do to me?’”

Hebrews 13: 6
Amplified Bible


“The wicked flee when no man pursues them, but the uncompromisingly righteous are bold as a lion.”

Proverbs 28: 1
Amplified Bible

Ever since I was a young girl, I loved going to the zoo and seeing animals from far away countries.  While there were always many creatures that brought me enjoyment, my favorite by far was the lion. I don’t find it difficult to comprehend why the lion is called, “the king of the jungle.” What a majestic creature, with its golden, thick mane and large firm paws and reverberating roar.  It is no wonder this animal is heralded as the pride of the land.

I find it interesting that it is in the Scriptures, where we find the most descriptive commentary which gives us insight into why the lion is referred to as the “king of beasts.”

The prophet Isaiah gives us a glimpse into the protective covering of our Father in heaven when he compares God’s shielding to that of a lion over the prey gathered to feed their “pride” when in Isaiah 31: 4 (Amplified Bible) it says: “For the Lord has said to me, ‘As the lion or the young lion growls over his prey…so the Lord of hosts will come down to fight upon Mount Zion.”

The lion shows no fear but instead boldly protects what is its own. Furthermore, our text today from Proverbs 28: 1 states: “Honest people are relaxed and confident, bold as lions” (The Message Bible).

Just think of the habits of a bold lion, for it is in the darkest of night, when it is most difficult to see the way, that the lion goes out to find food. Because a lion’s eyes are somewhat like those of a cat, a lion sees in the dark better than other animals. Thus, its boldness in creeping softly along, unfrightened by other animals or potential predators is unique.

It is the courageous, boldness of this stately beast which helps us visualize why the Bible, when defining the word “bold” often compares boldness to a lion. And it is also the reason that one of the characteristics associated with the wise woman of Tekoah is the quality of boldness – courage and bravery, exhibited in the face of potential fear.

II Samuel 14: 12, 13 opens a window into the life of this wise woman for we find we are given a spectacular view into the landscape of a life filled with discernment, a strong voice, compassion, responsibility, and mercy. But then, just as the wise woman of Tekoah concludes her parable about a widow and her two sons, she turns the table on David and boldly goes where no one else dared go – not even Joab, David’s most trusted friend.

Like the prophet Nathan years earlier, who confronted David with the words, “You are the man,” when he shed light on the sin of adultery and murder which had corrupted David’s life, now a woman, no less, was used by God to boldly stand up to David, the king, and point out to him the hypocrisy which existed within his own household as he allowed a dividing wedge to drive him apart from his son, Absalom. As the wise woman of Tekoah said to David, “Why then have you done this very thing against God’s people?” In his verdict, the king convicts himself by not bringing home his exiled son. There it is. A bold-hearted woman who stood before David, calling him out when his words and actions did not match. In the case of Nathan’s confrontation with David, it was a moral issue that needed to be brought to the forefront. In the case of the woman of Tekoah, God used a wise lady with discernment, a clear voice, compassion, responsibility, mercy and boldness to help David recognize the harmfulness of allowing destructive emotions to fester and bring divisions within his family life.

I want to point out something which I have learned as I’ve studied about this wise woman of Tekoah and her interaction with King David. Her experience and interaction with David had at its foundation the characteristics which she not only carried in her own life, but through personal encounter, she identified as existing in David’s life, too! In other words, the wise woman of Tekoah was not hesitant to come boldly to King David with her request for she knew who she was dealing with. And this specific fact reminded me of the words in Hebrews 4: 16, “Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace, the throne of God’s unmerited favor, that we may receive mercy for our failures and find grace to help in good time for every need, appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it” (Amplified Bible).

This wise woman of Tekoah’s boldness was based on her experience and knowledge of the man she knew her king to be.

These are the same operational instructions heaven has for you and me today. We, as wise women and men, who have experience and knowledge of our Father’s unending love, with boldness and confidence must never fear walking up to our King and asking for help in the time of trouble. I love these words penned by Miriam Therese Winter, a North American Medical Mission Sister: “The ability to find joy in the world of sorrow and hope at the edge of despair is woman’s witness to courage (boldness) and her gift of new life to all.” This is what the wise woman of Tekoah represented to those around her. A woman of immense boldness – a bold lioness – fearless in coming before her King to ask for help.

“Grant, O God,

that I may speak so boldly

and so lovingly

that the greatness of Christ

may shine out clearly in my person,

through the indwelling of your Holy Spirit.”

Donald Coggan


“Empower me

to be a bold participant,

rather than a timid saint in waiting,

in the difficult ordinariness of now;

to exercise the authority of honesty,

rather than to defer to power,

or deceive to get it;

to influence someone for justice,

rather than impress anyone for gain;

and, by grace, to find treasure

of joy, or friendship, of peace

hidden in the fields of the daily life

you give me to plough.”

Ted Loder

Your friend,

Dorothy Valcárcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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